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Are You Saved?

Are you a Bible based Christian? Is your eternity based on the teachings of the Scriptures? Are you questioning what someone has told you about your salvation? If so, please contact us for the true Biblical plan for salvation. Your soul depends on you getting the truth. People offer simple ways to "be saved" but do not give you all the steps.

God's Word is real clear on how you become a child of God and receive His Holy Spirit to help direct your life.

  1. Hear the Word and trust it simply by Faith.

  2. By Faith believe the Word as truth.

  3. Repent of your sins and life a life that does not include the sinful nature of man.

  4. Be Immersed in water to have your sins washed away, to rise a new creation and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  5. Go forth and live a life of righteousness.

If you have started this process but have only gone part way because of what someone has told you, like "all you have to do is believe", then you should contact for the rest of the story.

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